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Published on 19 May 2021

Reopening and extension of the terraces from 08 May 21 - Accessibility for SIAMU emergency vehicles

We are delighted that social life in the Brussels-Capital Region is gradually returning. The reopening of the Horeca terraces is an important step. 
It is logical and understandable to offer the possibility of increasing the available surface area as much as possible, while respecting the Covid barrier gestures.
But (yes, there is always a "but") the accessibility of our emergency vehicles must always be guaranteed. This is the responsibility of the local/regional authorities and the Horeca operators.

"Terrace extension projects may not reduce the width of the roadway accessible to Fire Service vehicles.
The installation of these terraces may not hinder access for emergency vehicles to buildings in the interior of a block or which do not face the street.
The terraces may not hinder access to hydrant boxes and gas and water supply cut-offs located on the pavement.
This is based on articles 74 / 75 / 76 / 79 and 80 of the Règlement Général de Police.

 The following guidelines are also applicable:

  • Furniture must be easy to move;
  • Use fireproof materials that are sufficiently resistant to wind and weather;
  • no construction should be firmly anchored to your own façade or to the public domain;
  • (emergency) exits and escape routes from catering establishments or other buildings must not be restricted or obstructed in any way;
  • Flooring is not permitted (unless the operator already has the necessary authorisation);
  • when the terrace is closed, the public highway will be kept clear.

It was an "incident" on 01 May that prompted us to write this press release. Indeed, during an intervention for a fire, one side of the street was inaccessible for emergency vehicles due to the presence of clutter/material belonging to 2 businesses. Fortunately, this did not have any consequences for the extinguishing of the small fire.

SIAMU press release

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