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Published on 18 Sep 2017

The BOSEC rules for the certification of products has been revised and approved by the brand committee. The applied modifications concern the product series that can be subject to be certified, the certification scheme for the products not CE-CPR and the form of the document.

The product series that can be subject to a BOSEC certification has been extended. The autonomous heat and CO detectors have been added to the list. For the smoke detectors, the conformity with the German vfdb 14/01 specifications has been added as an option allowing to obtain the « Q Label » certificate that distinguishes in Germany the long life products. The list of EN 54 standards has also be extended in order to integrate the most recent normative developments. Finally, the control panels of motor-driven diesel and electrical pump units for sprinkler installations as well as the fixed extinguishing module for industrial deep fryers and fixed extinguishing module for the burner of the stoke kettles industrial deep fryers have been transferred from the ANPI brand tot the BOSEC brand.

Certain EN 54 standards are not harmonized in the framework of the construction product rules and in that case it is not possible to refer to a factory audit performed by a notified body. This factory audit has therefore been added to the rules for the products that are not covered by a harmonized standard.

And last but not least, the annexes have been separated from the rules document allowing a quicker evolution in the future.

This version is immediately applicable.

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