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Published on 29 Aug 2017

It's never too late for fire prevention!

 As every year, ANPI supports the fire safety awareness campaign of the Federal Public Service of the Interior.

The Safety Fortnight 2017 will take place from 9 to 24 September 2017 and will focus on seniors.

The objective remains the installation of smoke detectors and the establishment of an evacuation plan .

 This annual campaign also serves to support the rescue areas. 
After all, the fire brigade is present in the field on a daily basis. They answer the many questions of the public and give advice free of charge. The zones have specially trained "fire prevention advisors" (CPI) for this purpose.

It doesn't just happen to others!
In Belgium, there are almost 10,000 house fires per year, resulting in several dozen deaths (77 in 2016). Almost half of the fire victims are over 65 years old, although they represent only 1/5 of the population.

A fire is a major event in the lives of the victims. It sometimes leads to physical injuries but always to emotional consequences.
Too many people are still unaware that the smoke is very toxic and may give them only 3 minutes to get out safely.

Prevention is better than extinction!

A fire is always a possibility.  It is better to know the main risks in a house or flat in order to better control them. 
Improving fire safety in your home means first of all adapting your behaviour, just as you put on your seat belt in your car.
For example, you can smoke, but certainly not while sleeping or after taking sleeping pills or consuming alcohol.   Also watch your electrical appliances, which can be dangerous. Look out for tangled cables and overloaded power strips. It is better not to charge batteries at night and especially not in the bedroom.

In addition, a few simple and often inexpensive actions are possible.
First of all, you should equip your house with enough smoke detectors. According to regional regulations, one smoke detector per floor is often sufficient (especially in Flanders and Brussels), but scientific research has shown that the "beep" of the smoke detector is not always audible in all rooms. Apart from the kitchen, bathroom and garage, it is strongly recommended that a smoke detector be hung in every room. 

When the house is burning, it is too late to think about how to get out and what to take with you!  That is why it is best to have a plan for evacuation beforehand.  Don't block the way out, the way must remain free. It is essential to find the door key easily, always leave it in a specific place near the door, or even in the lock. 
Once outside, call 112. 
If you cannot get out without help, take refuge in a "safe" place and contact the fire brigade.

This and other advice is available at but the Fire Prevention Advisor (FPA) can assist you free of charge and/or provide explanations, for example, to senior citizens' organisations.



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