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Published on 28 Oct 2021

Fire blankets still ineffective

"Some fire blankets only control the fire for a few seconds and give a false sense of security. A damp cotton cloth is much better.

The approaching winter increases the risk of a house fire. We tested nine fire blankets that you would expect to control a deep-fryer fire. But very often they don't.
The flames reignite after a few seconds

We tested nine fire blankets measuring 1 metre x 1 metre. Only three blankets managed to keep the situation under control for a quarter of an hour. But they did not extinguish the fire: as soon as the blanket was removed from the fryer, the fire started again.

Confusing information
Fire blankets are often completely ineffective, and can therefore create a false sense of security if you have one in your kitchen. But, according to the manufacturers, we are the ones asking too much of them.
Eight of the nine products tested were labelled "Not suitable for oil and frying fires".
The manufacturers are thus covering themselves against the failure of their products. But it is surprising to read on four of the fire blankets that they meet the EN1869 standard, which requires a test to be passed... with burning oil.

This is why we believe that ineffective fire blankets should be taken off the market."

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ANPI states:
But there is a solution - The BENOR-ANPI quality mark!
A BENOR-ANPI certification exists for efficient fire extinguishing blankets, but no manufacturer subscribes to it ... or dares to subscribe to it because the manufacturing requirements are obviously higher ...

More information on certification and laboratory tests :
NTN 148-C Fire blankets : Part C : Certification scheme under the ANPI/BENOR mark
NTN 148-L Fire blankets: Part L: Additional requirements for the BENOR / ANPI mark




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