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Published on 22 Apr 2021

The Royal Association of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Technology, abbreviated to ATIC, draws attention to the withdrawal of the 2019 versions of the standards NBN B 61-001:2019 and NBN B 61-002:2019 which came into force on 17 September 2019.
Since then it has become clear that :
some aspects are no longer covered, or are covered incompletely ;
that from the European standards (EN) there are some references to national regulations that do not exist in Belgium;
that the practical feasibility and the control in the field are subject to interpretation.

For this reason, it was decided by the different stakeholders involved in these standards :
the withdrawal of the standards NBN B 61-001:2019 and NBN B 61-002:2019 ;
the publication of a temporary solution in the form of a technical document NBN/DTD ;
and the subsequent publication of new standard(s).

Consequently, during the period from this withdrawal until the new standard(s) is (are) made available, the technical documents NBN/DTD B 61-001:2021 and NBN/DTD B 61-002:2021 are valid as a code of practice:
- NBN/DTD B 61-001 Boiler rooms and chimneys 
- NBN/DTD B 61-002 Central heating boilers with a rated output of less than 70 kW - Requirements for their installation space, air supply and flue gas discharge

The publication of both NBN/DTDs and the withdrawal of the 2019 versions are announced via the NBN E-shop ( in accordance with the Royal Decree of 2 February 2021.

ATIC press release 20210408

More information on the content of the two NBN/DTDs at



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