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Smoke kills! Every year, dozens of people lose their lives in a fire in their home, mainly due to asphyxiation from smoke they inhale in their sleep. A simple smoke alarm could have alerted them to the danger within minutes.

Smoke alarms are therefore an effective means of fire protection. They must carry the CE marking. Unfortunately, market studies conducted on several occasions by ANPI in recent years show that the devices available on the market which do not have a quality seal of approval, such as BOSEC, in addition to their CE marking, are often poor quality.  Many of them react too late or do not react at all to smoke. Others sound an alarm that is not loud enough to wake up the home's occupants. Indeed, studies show that a high sound level is fundamental for waking children from their sleep.

Effective detection and alarms require the installation of a detector or, better yet, a network of interconnected detectors, whose reliability is certified by BOSEC: a voluntary seal of approval that attests to their quality.

We conduct tests on smoke alarms in accordance with the standards and specifications below, so that they can be BOSEC certified. Our tests also guarantee minimum legal requirements for the release of products in accordance with European construction product regulations (CE-CPR).

NBN EN 14604 Smoke alarm devices     

NTN 167 L Alarm devices - Additional requirements for the BOSEC mark

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