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ANPI inspects, checks, approves and tests automatic gas extinguishing systems:

  • CO2,
  • Inert gases,
  • Synthetic gases

Gas extinguishing systems are fixed systems which put out the start of a fire. These systems are made for confined enclosures without human presence. They are operated using a manual or automatic control device.
These systems are composed of a pipe network, on which diffusers are mounted at prescribed distances.
The network is connected to one or more extinguisher cylinders containing
a pre-calculated quantity of extinguishing medium.
We make a distinction between:
- CO2 extinguishing systems (used for both atmosphere protection and for object protection),
- inert or synthetic gas extinguishing systems (used only for atmosphere protection).

Besides the approval of its design and calculation notes, approval before its commissioning and the twice-yearly inspections prescribed by regulations, ANPI conducts fan tests, with the purpose of measuring the performance and the reliability of the gas extinguishing systems in the protected location.
This inspection, which is done in place of a concentration measurement, is periodically recommended and will not only guarantee that your gas extinguishing system is in good order, but also that your premises have retained the required technical properties.

ANPI may also conduct concentration measurements of certain gases, such as carbon dioxide or oxygen.

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