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The operation of any electrical and electronic device may be jeopardised by electrical or electromagnetic disturbances, by extreme climates or by extreme mechanical environments.
Moreover, this equipment is likely to cause electrocution, burns or fire hazards, and is also likely to affect other equipment.

Some of these concerns are dealt with in the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), electrical safety (LVD) and radio equipment (RED) directives, or in automobile equipment regulations (UNECE R10).
These directives and regulations enable products to be CE or 'e' marked, to ensure that they can be legally sold within the European Union.

The Electronic Components (EMC) department of the ANPI laboratories conducts tests on all electrical and electronic components, including electrical and electronic sub-assemblies for automobiles, in order to provide the manufacturer with proof of compliance with the essential requirements of these directives or to provide a customer of this manufacturer with proof of environmental robustness.

We conduct electromagnetic compatibility and electrical safety tests on these components so they can receive CE or 'E' marking, as well as carrying out climate, mechanical and housing protection tests (IP, IK).

The list of standards applied may be found under "Our services".

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