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Published on 01 Jun 2022

Developments rather than a revolution!

The technical note T 015/1 defines the minimum technical requirements that the premises and equipment of an alarm system company must meet in accordance with the applications of the Royal Decree of 25 December 2017. A third edition has just been published on 26 April 2022. 

A transition period of 6 months has been scheduled.

In practice this means that :
Checks carried out until this date can now be carried out on the basis of edition 2 or edition 3.
Inspections carried out after 25 October 2022 must be carried out on the basis of this new edition.
It is also reminded that the T 015/1 inspection report may not be older than 6 months from the application for authorisation submitted to the FPS Interior.

Definitions and criteria :
Different definitions and criteria have been added in the technical note T 015/1 in order to avoid any discussion.
For example, the definitions of "multi-factor authentication", anti-masking detector, redundancy or line test have been included.
An audibility criterion was also specified for a siren that is placed indoors but can be heard from outside.

Installation files:
The new edition specifies the minimum requirements for each installation file. This applies to new installations as well as to those taken over by the alarm system company.
It should be noted that these different files can be stored either physically or digitally.

Protection of premises and data:
The principle of electronically securing the premises where customer files and confidential data are stored is of course maintained.
It is also specified that these premises must be protected by a volumetric detection system with anti-masking and by a perimetric detection system for all openings.
The possibility of using a panic function (duress code) as well as the obligation of a link to an authorised alarm centre have been maintained.
Compliance with the obligations of the RGPD is of course applicable to all data storage.

Multi-factor authentication:
Access to data is important, but it is also a source of risk. This is why multi-factor authentication has become mandatory as soon as data is accessible from the outside.
Multi-factor authentication (minimum 2) works a bit like multiple locks. You use your password and associate it with a new data which is transmitted via your mobile phone.
There are mainly 2 different systems:

  • The first system is based on your fingerprint. With your fingerprint, you validate your access to the platform.
  • The second system is based on a unique code that you receive and that completes your password. This solution is preferable because it avoids a 'blind' validation.

Reactivity of the alarm system company and means of troubleshooting:
The obligation for each company to be reachable within 15 minutes is derived from the Royal Decree of 2002. This same decree also specifies that the company must have the technical means to start work within 8 hours.
The fact that the technical means are available does not mean that the work can be started. This is why the new edition of T 015/1 adds the obligation to communicate a possible date of intervention within 3 working days of the initial call.

Technical means, spare parts and technical documentation:
The new edition specifies the compulsory technical means and spare parts that the company must have at its disposal in order to ensure its after-sales service.
Access to documentation is of course important to guarantee the quality of the service offered. The new edition now also includes possible access to the manufacturer's or distributor's platform.


Question: My FPS Interior permit is still valid until 2024. Do I have to do a new T 015/1 inspection before that?
No. Your permit remains valid for the time being. When you apply for renewal in 2024, you will need a new inspection report. The inspection will then be carried out on the basis of edition 3.

Question: I have just received my inspection report T 015/1. Do I have to do a new inspection?
No. Your current report remains valid as long as the 6-month period between your application and the date of the inspection has not passed.

Question: I have to submit my application to the FPS Interior before the end of September 2022. Can I already apply this new edition?
Yes, during the transitional period you can decide to follow edition 2 or edition 3. Check whether you already meet this new edition. If you do, we advise you to apply this new edition already.


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