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Published on 10 Nov 2022

The Brussels-Capital Region has just published a new decree imposing a minimum percentage of recharging stations for office, residential and public car parks.
9 September 2022. - Decree of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region determining the ratios of charging points for car parks, as well as certain additional safety conditions applicable to them

Note: Chapter 3, which deals with the various fire protection measures. 

Car parks (general)

  • Prohibition of fast charging points (with capacity ≥ 50 kW);
  • Emergency stop button for centralized closing of all charging points in case of emergency;
  • Automatic power cut-off in case of fire detection (if present);
  • Ventilation system in the charging areas;
  • Scaled map with location of charging points displayed at the car park entrances.

Car parks with a surface area > 1250 m² or with levels below the first level below the road surface

  • Fire detection system with smoke detection:
    • operational;
    • partial surveillance type in accordance with NBN S 21-100-1 & NBN S 21-100-2 or an equivalent European standard.
  • Transmission of a fire alarm signal and a fault signal in accordance with NBN S 21-100-1 section 5.3 and reporting to the fire brigade upon confirmation of detection in accordance with NBN S 21-100-1 section 6.2.

Car parks with vehicle lifts

Prohibition to install charging stations. Derogations possible after advice from the fire brigade.

The decree of 25 February 2021 remains applicable except for articles 19 and 21 which concern the number of charging stations.

Read the text here : Espace abonnés Expert

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