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Published on 18 Jan 2023

The subject remains relevant!

Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2023/69 of 9th January 2023 states that the harmonised standard EN 15194:2017 (Electrically assisted bicycles - EPAC bicycles) does not confer a presumption of conformity with the essential health and safety requirements concerning risks related to extreme temperatures, fire and explosions, as required by Directive 2006/42/EC (Machinery). 

Some US data: 19 deaths in the USA!

At least 19 people died in the United States in 2022 as a result of fires and overheating of batteries in electric bikes, scooters and hoverboards, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission announced.
A spokesman for the New York Fire Department said that in New York alone, fires caused by lithium-ion batteries powering light electric vehicles (LEVs) have resulted in at least 208 fires, injuring 142 people and killing six.
In the United States, various voices are calling for urgent measures to reduce the number of fires, including specific standards for lithium batteries placed on the market (established by the Underwriters Laboratory - UL), mandatory product certification (issued by UL) and a ban on the resale and reconditioning of used batteries.

See the article: E-bike batteries raise safety concerns amid rise in fires: 'Very hard to examine' / Peter Charalambous, dans ABC News 31.12.2022

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