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Smoke kills! Every year, dozens of people lose their lives in a house fire, mainly due to asphyxiation from smoke they inhale in their sleep.

A simple smoke detector could have alerted them to the danger within minutes.

Yet, this detector also needs to be compliant with the European standard (CE marking - EN14604) and must have a voluntary marking (BOSEC - NT167) that will guarantee its proper operation!

The ANPI Certification Division, as a BELAC accredited organisation that is notified by the European Commission under number 1134, issues performance reliability certificates, also known as CE/CPR certificates, in compliance with the EN14604 standard.

Our experience in the field has shown that CE certification alone is not sufficient for household detectors. Only 50 % of detectors that have received CE/CPR certification alone are actually compliant with the entire EN14604 standard. Certification of household detectors under the BOSEC mark complements the European standard with the technical note ANPI NTN167. BOSEC regulation also requires a periodic check by conducting laboratory tests from samples taken from the market.

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