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Published on 10 Nov 2022

ANPI expands its laboratory dedicated to the analysis of extinguishing agents to ensure the quality of extinguishing foam concentrates over time.

About ten years ago, ANPI created its own chemistry laboratory dedicated to the analysis of extinguishing agents, specifically foam concentrates.
The need to develop our laboratory activities in this field stemmed from:
- on the one hand, an alarming observation by our inspectors in the field of malfunctions linked to the behaviour of the foam concentrates (poor quality, degradation, ageing, inadequacy, etc.);
- and on the other hand, a request from our clients (including installers and end users) to guarantee the reliability of the foam agents used in their extinguishing installations, and to be sure that if one day they were to come into action their action would be effective.

A new laboratory to ensure the reliability of fire-fighting foam...

  • Analyses of the physico-chemical parameters of foam concentrates are carried out in our "Chemistry" laboratory.
  • Tests of foam concentrates performance are now carried out in our new "Foams" laboratory, inaugurated on 20 October 2022.

Fire protection professionals and their customers now have access, in Belgium, to an accredited and independent laboratory for the analysis of the physical-chemical properties and performance of extinguishing foam concentrates, guaranteeing the authenticity and traceability of the results.

We share two articles from our Fire & Security Alert Magazine about foam extinguishing agents.

in French 
ANPI agrandit son laboratoire dédié à l'analyse des agents extincteurs 
Mousses extinctrices Importance de l'analyse de qualité annuelle

in Dutch
Brandblusschuimen  Belang van de jaarlijkse kwaliteitsanalyse
ANPI breidt zijn laboratorium voor de analyse van blusmiddelen

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